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Surveyor will have you gathering your results digitally within minutes!

Surveyor makes data collection simple. From market research, to inspections, to trade shows and more; collecting your valuable data has never been simpler.

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Save Time

Stop waiting for your valuable data to be collected and then slowly entered. With Surveyor results are available as soon as they are collected.

Save Money

No more waisting money on having your data being digitized and cleaned. Save money by keeping your data digital from the start!

Better Data

Collect more than just email addresses. Combine many different options. Text responses, multiple choice, map responses and more.

How Surveyor Works

Who's using Surveyor

Surveyor has been used in hundreds of industries by thousands of clients all over the world. From oil pump inspections, to trade shows, to retail installs and everything in between, Surveyor has worked to make our client's data collection fast and easy.


Use Surveyor to collect sales leads, and run contests at your trade show booth.

Market Research

Surveyor helps you engage with people and collect and analyze your market research results faster and cheaper.


Your inspection data is available the moment it is collected using Surveyor.

Academic Research

Using Surveyor means no more paying to have thousands of research results cleaned and digitized.


Flexible Questions

Questions are created online with our intuitive web interface. You can quickly create or edit surveys and have them wirelessly out in the field in no time.

Mobile Data Collection

Use any iOS device to collect results. Online or offline devices sync results back to the server whenever they get an internet connection.


Whether tracking where a survey is taken, or haveing users input other locations, you can easily collect this information using geolocation or maps.

Export Data

Your data is just one click away from being ready to import into whatever software you want to use to analyze it.

Environmentally Friendly

No more hurting the environment by wasting paper while collecting information — Surveyor is paperless from start to finish. No more hauling stacks of paper, or reprinting thousands of copies when a typo is found.

Save Time and Money

Your information, and your time, are both incredibly important. Surveyor gets you your valuable information sooner and saves you time and money from having to pay to have your results entered by hand.

People Said

TouchMetric's Surveyor helped us to run surveys at large events for a fraction of the traditional cost and time. With Surveyor, Plainpeak has a clear edge over other strategic marketing consulting firms when it comes to gathering real market intelligence. Peter Urban, Plainpeak Group

When collecting research data for a major government campaign, we expected 400 responses and ended up collecting 1400! People wanted to fill out our survey because they were interested in the tool that we were using. Geoffrey Grimble, Toybox Media

Creating questions, collecting data and exporting your results has never been easier than with Surveyor. People love being able to fill out their information on an Apple iPad or iPod rather than having to deal with awkwardly with pen and paper. Scott Winder, Sticks & Stones

With Surveyor we were able to turn around a major research study for our client in another city within a week. Geoffrey Grimble, Toybox Media