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25 / device
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Sandboxed Databases
  • SSL Secure
  • Unlimited Results
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • CSV Export

Up or downgrade your account at any time.


If you have a large number of devices or regulatory requirements about data storage / security. Contact us for pricing and options to suit your needs.


How long do I have to sign up for?
All of our plans are monthly and you can upgrade and downgrade your number of devices on a month to month basis as needed. So for instance if you run surveys seasonally you can upgrade your account to the number of devices that you need during that season, and then downgrade it when you no longer using those devices. You data will still be available to you after you have reduced the number of devices you use.
How does exporting work?
We export your data in CSV format so that you can use any tools that you need to analyze your results after you have collected them. You can access your export for all of your surveys from your control panel and export them any time.
When are my results available?
If your device is connected to the internet your results are available to you the moment they are collected. For offline devices your results sync and are available as soon as you device has a data connection.
Do the devices have to have an internet connection?
Surveyor works online or offline so you can collect results whether you have a data connections or not. This allows you to use iPod Touches and wifi iPads when they are not connected, in addition to any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that is connected.
Do I have to plug in my device to sync the results?
No. All results are synced wirelessly as soon as your device has a data connection.
How many different surveys can I have active at once?
An unlimited number of surveys can be active at any time and on any number of devices.
How many survey results can I collect?
You can collect an unlimited number of results no matter how many devices you have (except when you are on the trial free plan, results are still collected, but only 25 are exported).
How many questions can I have?
Unlimited, you can collect as many questions as you want, with as many options as needed.
Can I edit an active survey?
Yes. If you found a typo, need to edit or add a question, or adjust a survey in any other way you can make your changes and they are changed instantly on all connected devices.
I have regulatory requirements about where my data can be held, can you deal with that?
We understand that sometimes there are specific regulatory requirements around where data can be held. In those cases we have worked with many clients to implement a data storage solution that works with their regulatory requirements, while still being able to leverage the rest of the Surveyor infrastructure. If you are in a scenario that you need/want this type of data storage contact us for more information.

We're Everywhere

The Apple iTunes store is available in over 70 countries. Globally, the number of Apple iOS devices now exceeds 200 million and continues to grow. Surveyor can be utilized on any of these 200+ million devices. Access to our technology only requires occasional internet access and an online initial setup. Surveyor, on the device, will work both online-and-offline so you can perform even the most isolated research (on a plane, in the Arctic, etc.) and the device will send the results back to the server the next time you connect it to the internet. There's no special hardware and it's contract free.